We are Batik Kraton Mas

In the late 1970 our Founding Father started “Batik Cetak” business with only Manual Print, which were produced by some “Pembatik Local” in Sentra Batik at Karet Area, South Jakarta. At that time, we still worked at our home. Now we have a modern factory in Balajara, Serang-Banten.


We sold our Finished Batik Cetak as Ladies as Ladies Dress, etc at Pasar Tanah Abang, Jakarta for local customers. In mid 1980’s many Internasional buyers came to Tanah Abang and they started bought our products. They sold our “Print Batik” at their countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirate etc. Our International customers satisfied with our Batik quality and designs, and they came again and bought our products. Then, the story of our Batik Kraton Mas begins.


In 1991 our Founding Father established PT. Hadi Putra Gemilang as an institution/company, so we can do manage our export transaction easily. And, some years later we had marketed and totally exported our products to many nations.


In 1995 the company has improved its machineries by changing old machineries with the new modern printing machines for production process. With this new machineries now we can produce our products with New Batik Patterns, more fashion and colours knowned as Modern Batik and Textile patterns.


Our Creative Designers continuously develop our owned design and we also accept specified Batik designs which are requested by our customers and international market. The company steadily increase production capacity and various products from Viscose rayon materials to Rayon Batik garment.


We have our own Brand “Kraton Mas”, which is quite famous in the Middle East and And African countries. The bran can be found at our Ladies Dress products Saroong Batik Print and Premium Products (Need Password from us).